Business Analysts Handbook

Requirements Elicitation is the process of extracting wants and needs from a project sponsor and their representatives, and from various subject matter experts and stakeholders.

  • Requirements elicitation also often includes the capturing and understanding of constraints.
  • Requirements elicitation is not simply asking people what they want. It includes an analysis of stated wants and needs across a number of dimensions including value, feasibility, cross dependency and exclusivity, and understood in the context of constraints.
  • Requirements are elicited through a number of methods including interviews, surveys, meetings, workshops and research.
  • Requirements are the foundation of project driven solutions. They are linked strongly to the "project scope" or "problem statement."
  • Requirements are a critical part of the software development lifecycle. The typical stages of a waterfall SLDC are: Business Case, Business Requirements,

Solution Architecture or System Specification, Solution Design, Solution Construction, Solution Validation (testing) and Implementation.

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