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Trade shows offer a lucrative platform for both visitors as well as exhibitors to promote products and build new business contacts. Read further, to know about how to seize best opportunities which suit your niche and purpose during these events. Here are some steps to make your participation more profitable and huge success:

For Exhibitors[]

·         Planning

Planning is the most important aspect of achieving success in exhibiting at the trade shows. It’s essential to know about your target audience and niche market. So, dig out various event-listing websites such as yelp, biz tradeshows and , to select an event which relates to your requirements. Exhibiting at wrong trade shows can lead to loss of time as well as money. Also, plan innovative booth designs and make your budget to avoid extra expenditure.

·         Promotion

Pre-event promotion ensures huge footfall to your exhibition stand. Send out emails to your existing clients offering them special discounts. Give them enough reasons to attend your event. Upload event details on social networking profile of your company. Launch media campaigns and competitions. List your event on event-listing websites to ensure increased visibility in niche market. Use catchy slogans in email signatures with event details to attract more people.

·         Booth Staff

Another most important but often ignored aspect includes staff members at the booth. Make sure, you hire knowledgeable, enthusiastic, polite and hospitable people for your event. Train them to patiently listen to clients and assist accordingly as speaking more than what is required could be a big turn-off. Enrich them with complete knowledge about your products and services.

For Visitors[]

·         Selection

Not only exhibitors but visitors also need to select an event carefully after doing complete market research. Gather details about event, organisers, venues and exhibitors from event-listing websites. Understand your requirements and plan your goals before making your final selection.

·         Ask Questions

Don’t simply believe what advertisements say as they are often misleading. Compare different products offered by varied exhibitors. Analyze every factor minutely before signing a contract or buying a product. Ask questions from booth staff to get complete detail about product, services, brand as well as the company. This will give you a fairer insight about different products.

So, follow these simple tips and take your business to greater heights. Feel free to share your feedback through comment section.