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Events and Shows

Exhibitions attract several exhibitors of same niche from all across the globe. Avail information about upcoming trade shows taking place at global events from popular event listing websites like yelp,", zevents and more. But have you ever thought why some exhibition stands attract lot of visitors while others remain deserted. Well, the reason could be better products or effective promotion strategies.

Read on to learn few tactics to beat market competition and attract more visitors to your exhibition stand:

Exhibition Booth Display

Grab the attention of clients through creative designs and attractive signage. Keep the logo of your brand simple yet informative. If possible arrange for product demonstrations, this will surely attract potential visitors. Hire professional booth designing services and select from a wide range of trade show booth designs available in the market. The basic idea behind designing your booth is to be original and think innovatively.

Competent Team

Hire polite and enthusiastic team members as they will represent your company to clients at the trade show. Train them with basic hospitality, product information and company details. Ask them to categorise leads and take client’s feedback. To avoid losing your business prospects ensure your stand is well-manned and never empty. Also, offer special incentives and perks to encourage your team members.

Promotional Giveaways

Surprises and freebies attract visitors to exhibition stands. It is advisable to giveaway some useful items bearing the logo of company and contact details. This will enhance the credibility of your products and increase brand’s visibility in market. Select from cost effective merchandise including coffee mugs, pens, calendars, bags, key chains and more. These promotional gifts increase your popularity giving you an edge over your competitors.

All these points will definitely help you create a buzz at the exhibition stand and attract plenty of potential clients. So, creativity and simplicity is the key to successful event.