Business Analysts Handbook

Data Modelling & Object Oriented Development

At some stage in their working life, every business analyst will have some involvement with data modelling. They may need to model how data is (or will be) used or - if they only deal with requirements investigation - then someone else in the team will need to verify that the data to support new functions will be available.

To produce a data model (a logical view of the data) the technique of choice has been, and still remains, the entity relationship diagram (ERD). However in Object Oriented Development (OOD), classes are used to group together things (including data) that have similar properties. Class diagrams in themselves do not provide a straightforward path to database design because they do not represent a logical view of the data. To get this logical view we need to modify how class diagrams are used so that we can have a single view of the data in our application.

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