Business Analysts Handbook

There are a bunch of things you should know when contracting.

These things include the following;

Who owns the IP you develop?[]

You want to retain as much IP as possible, but in most instances your contract precludes it.

Think about raising the issue before signing the contract, especially if you are bring partly developed processes and systems into the organsiation you are going to work at. After all, you are being hired for your expertise.

What do you do if there is a conflict of interest[]

There is plenty of opportunity for conflicts of interest to rise betwen your contracting agency and the client, not to mention you and the contracting agency. Have a plan for managing them that beats getting sued (and having to defend even baseless accusations.)

Mediation clauses should be mandatory.

Exclusivity/Exclusion clauses[]

If you want to move from contractor to full time worker at a client think about these restictions in your contract. Try to narrow any exclusivity clauses to the specific project you are wroking on. Defineitely look an adding a mutual conent clause if none is there.

Consulting skills are important[]

Everyone is your customer. Treat them that way.

How to behave at the Christmas party[]

You are a guest, not part of the family. If you are invited; go. Don't get drunk. Speak to a few stakeholders and leave early.

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